Membership benefits

  • Access to fully equipped gymnasium
  • Entry to group exercise classes
  • 50 metre heated Olympic-size swimming pool
  • Heated spa
  • Sports hall facilities
  • Tennis courts, squash courts
  • 28-day holiday suspension
  • Medical suspension available on presentation of a medical certificate

Membership fees

Membership type Casual access Memberships
  Day pass 1 Week 1 Semester 12 Months
Bond Student NIL
Bond Staff $10 $20 $150* $450*
Bond Staff Spouse/Dependents N/A N/A $200 (Off peak #) N/A
Bond Alumni N/A N/A $200 (Off peak #) N/A
General Public Not available

* ongoing regular payroll salary deduction for membership fee is available for Bond University and Bond University College full-time and part-time Academic, Teaching and Professional Staff
~ Full – access from 6am to closing. Limited number of memberships available.
# Off Peak – access from 6am to 2pm

Public Memberships Day pass 1 Week 1 Semester 12 Months
Bond University Sporting Club membership Included in Club registration fee
Bond University Swimming Club membership Included in Club registration fee
Accompanying Visitors
(must be accompanied by a current student)


Study Tour Supervisors NIL for the duration of the tour
Affiliated Groups membership N/A N/A N/A N/A
Honorary membership Same basis as Bond University Staff
Complimentary membership NIL

Additional services fee schedule

Service type Students Staff/Alumni/
Staff dependents
Other Members &
non-member staff
casual users
Gym programs per hour $40* $40 $40
Fitness Assessment per hour $50 $60 $70
Nutrition Consultation 45 minutes $50 $60 $70
Body Composition per 30 minutes $20 $20 $20
8 week challenge $650 $675 $700
Personalised Training**:      
30-minute 10 pack $350 $400 $400
45-minute 10 pack $475 $525 $525
60-minute 10 pack $600 $650 $650
Tennis/ Squash Court hire per hour*** $30 $30 $30
Sports Hall hire per hour*** $50 $50 $50

*    One free gym programming session per semester
**  Shared personalised training session incurs additional $100 fee
*** Included in membership, however effective 01/01/2019 charges apply to all non-member staff and member guests i.e., court hire is $30 per hour. Any guests (including student guests) will need to pay half the hourly rate i.e. $15 per hour. Bookings must be made by members. Non-member staff, who would like to book the facility on a casual basis, can book at a discounted rate for tennis and squash court hire of $15 per hour regardless of whether their playing partner is a staff member. The staff member must make the booking.

Personal training at Bond

Bond Sport’s personal training sessions are individually tailored to help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals, designed to expand your knowledge and finesse your training technique. Find out more