Group exercise

Class timetable

Current for Semester 173 (Week 1 to 13)

**Please note: between Week 14 and Week 1 of every semester there is a reduced number of classes offered.**
* Denotes a 45 minute class. All other classes are 60 minutes.

Aerobics Room

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9.15am Strength     Super Circuit    
5.30pm Step/HIIT Super Circuit Strength      

Circuit / TRX Room

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6.00am   TRX*   Super Circuit*    
7.15am           Boxing*
8.15am           TRX*
9.15am   Cardio Blitz Tabata   Strength &
12.15pm TRX* Boxing* Super Circuit* TRX*    

Strength &

  Boxing Box X Train Boxing  
6.00pm Boxing Box X Train Strength &
Boxing TRX  


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6.00am SYNRGY*          
12.15pm         SYNRGY*  

Yoga / Pilates Room

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
12.15pm TBT* Yoga*        Props Pilates* Fusion*         Mobility Fit*  
5.30pm Pilates   Mobility Fit*      
6.30pm Yoga Yoga Pilates Yoga    


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6.45am DWR*   DWR*   DWR*  
9.15am DWR* Aqua* DWR* Aqua* DWR* Aqua*

Group exercise classes

Class Duration (minutes) Description
Box / X-Training 60 A combination of intense boxing drills, dynamic strength exercises and a killer cardio workout. All fitness levels welcome but be prepared to be pushed to your limits!
Boxing Circuit 45 or 60 The ultimate circuit class combining boxing drills, cardio and strength exercises. Designed to burn maximum calories in a fun group environment. Suitable for all levels of fitness.
Cardio Blitz 60 Blitz your cardio fitness with a high energy, interval training, cardio workout. Mix it up each week with something different that will improve your fitness and fat loss by getting your heart pumping!
Deep Water Running or
Aqua Aerobics
45 Keep your cool and your shape in a non-impact water workout BUT be warned - it's harder than it looks! Make sure you wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
Fusion 45 Is a full body conditioning class, blending Pilates to increase strength and yoga to enhance flexibility.
Mobility Fit 45 Mobility Fit applies exercises that free up your body to give an improved range of movement. Using foam rollers, trigger point balls, bands and stretching this class will release tight areas of your body and promote mobility. A great recovery session to add to your week.
Pilates 60 A workout designed to develop core strength and coordination, the focus of this class will be on traditional Pilates movement patterns, the use of breath and correct body alignment.
Props Pilates 45 A mat work Pilates class that incorporates the use of thera-bands, fit balls, Pilates rings and light weights to provide extra resistance and challenge the body.

Step / HIIT

60 Adjust the height of your step to change the intensity of your workout. Step is one of the best known aerobic classes and being combined with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) takes it to a whole new level. Are up up for the challenge?
Strength 60 All the benefits of weight training using adjustable weights and set to music. A great strength builder!
Strength & Conditioning Circuit 60 A dynamic class that combines a variety of weights, cardio and core training for a total body high diversity workout! You will be surprised with the amount of diversity in the class!
Super Circuit 45 or 60 A high intensity class combining boxing, steps, plyometric, body weighted exercises and strength exercises into one fast-paced, calorie crushing workout! Medium to high level of fitness is recommended.
SYNRGY360 45 A functional fitness circuit that offers limitless options for all fitness levels. Performed on the SYNRGY360 platform located on the main gym floor.
Tabata 60 Mix it up with Tabata Total Body System. Cycle through components of cardio, body weighted exercise and resistance workouts. Get maximum effect for maximum efficiency.

TBT       Total Body Toning



A moderate intensity class that will uplift and energise your day. Using body weight, resistance bands and light hand weights TBT fuses fitness and Pilates into a dynamic total body sculpting workout.
TRX Suspension Training 45 or 60 Every suspension training exercise builds true functional strength and improves flexibility, balance and core stability. Movements using the TRX integrate strength and balance into a single dynamic format that taxes the nervous system at a high level and maximizes the benefits of bodyweight exercise for faster results.
Yoga 45 or 60 Designed to enhance vitality and a sense of well being, this workout will help participants improve flexibility, balance, strength and posture.