Gold Coast Suns meet the Bond Bullsharks

February 10, 2015

AFL star, Andrew Raines, shared some football tips and life lessons with the Bond University AFL team when he was recently on campus with the Gold Coast Suns.

The entire Gold Coast Suns team spent the day at Bond for a series of leadership and  game-plan presentations from each of their coaches, including senior coach Rodney Eade.

Andrew Raines took some time to meet with players from both the men's and women's Bond AFL teams, and imparted some wisdom to the Bond Bullsharks about the importance of living a happy, balanced life outside of football, as well as some tips on the game.

Raines, originally from the Gold Coast, made his debut for Richmond in 2004 and was drafted to the Brisbane Lions in 2010. His football journey has recently come full circle, returning to his hometown to play for the Gold Coast Suns in 2015.

The 28-year-old player shared some important lessons learnt from his ten years as a professional footballer, and Bond Bullsharks president Edward Burrows-Cheng said it was a great opportunity for the team to learn from such an accomplished player.

"Speaking with Andrew was such a great experience, I'm a huge Richmond supporter so it meant a lot to me to have the opportunity to interact with someone who has played for the club," said Edward.

"Not only did he talk to us about life as a professional sports player, but Andrew really emphasised how important it is to focus your energy into life outside of football as well - careers, hobbies, family and friends.

"It was a great insight, for myself and the other teams members, into the up and downs of playing professional sport."