Bonding with the Bull Sharks: Cosi Winter

June 1, 2022


Cosi Winter


Water polo


Bachelor of Design in Architecture (bartender for work)

What’s your nickname and how did you get it?

Cosi is actually a nickname that I go by. My real name is a Cosette, however when I was younger I thought it was too difficult to introduce myself with my full name, so I thought Cosi was easier.

What are you currently streaming?

I’m not watching anything at the moment.

You got the day off, the weather is perfect and you’ve got money in your pocket. Where would we find you?

I would probably go scuba diving and eat really good food on a boat.

Who inspires you the most?

My mum is my biggest inspiration. She has worked so hard to give her children every opportunity we could grasp and has set the perfect example of who a good person is and how they act.

Who is your nemesis?

I honestly don’t have one.

What’s your superstition?

I believe that what goes around definitely comes around! I also make a wish every time I lose an eyelash.

If you could invite three people to a dinner party, who would they be?

Phoebe Waller-Bridge, David Attenborough, Jim Carrey.

And if you’re the chef, what’s on the menu?

Japanese food.

What is your greatest sporting memory?

The best game I ever played in a premier league competition (we lost but I scored a few times against the Olympic goalie).

Who is your most annoying teammate and why?

He knows who he is!