Bonding with the Bull Sharks: Stephanie Luyt

June 30, 2022

Sport / Club: 

Futsal/Soccer. Australian Futsal Association (NNSW), Sunshine Coast Goannas, MA Olympic Football Club.

Study / Work: 

Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws. Bunnings (Electrical and Homewares Expert).

What’s your nickname and how did you get it?

Steph, it is so much easier to say than Stephanie (only my mum calls me Stephanie).

What are you currently streaming? 

Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19.

You’ve got the day off, the weather is perfect, and you’ve got money in your pocket. Where would we find you? 

Forget about the weather! I’ve got money so I’m shopping for a new pair of boots or shoes or both.

Who inspires you the most? 

I honestly couldn’t pick one person, I have so many people that inspire me in different ways!

Who is your nemesis?

My sister, she always has to try to be better than me at everything (obviously she’s not doing well with it haha).

What’s your superstition?

I have to wear number the 11 jersey otherwise I will most definitely play terribly!

If you could invite 3 people to a dinner party, who would they be?

Hayley Raso, Alex Morgan, Neymar.

And if you’re the chef, what’s on the menu?

Chicken nuggets or pasta without a doubt.

What is your greatest sporting memory?

Getting to captain our national team to a win at the International Futsal Festival in China.

Who is your most annoying teammate and why?

Sarah, because she never has anything nice to say to me (to be fair, I am just as annoying).